You have decided to hire a quality irrigation contractor for your installation. Here are some helpful tips that will help you choose the right contractor for the job.

  • Before a contractor can present you with a proposal, they must do their homework. This includes physically coming to your property, meeting with you face-to-face, surveying the property, visually locating the water source, taking a read of the water pressure, and finally, getting a list of your needs and what you are looking to accomplish with your landscape.
  • Ask the contractor for their State of Wisconsin Building Contractor ID number as well as their State of Wisconsin Master Plumber ID Number. All plumbing associated with the irrigation system installation is required to be done by a licensed plumber. If they can not provide proof of these two licenses this should raise a red flag. Odds are that they are not licensed to install irrigation systems in the State of Wisconsin.
  • EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Make sure that you are comfortable with the experience level of the contractor. Don’t let them tell you about their experience, make them show you. A list of references should be provided.
  • Often times customers will use price as the only deciding factor. Contractors who have a significantly lower price than their competition have to cut corners to reduce their costs. This is often done by not pulling a plumbing permit or having the plumbing done by a licensed plumber, not installing a backflow preventer, or not completing the work. Make sure that you choose a contractor based upon their service, plan, and ability to install the system properly.