Germantown Lawn Irrigation

Germantown Lawn Irrigation

Far too often in Germantown, WI, we see cookie-cutter lawn irrigation systems that were designed without regards to the exact needs of a property. For the best results, a new residential lawn irrigation system should be customized to the landscape and existing plan or tree life. The slope of a property and amount of sun or shade a lawn receives should also be important factors in the design and construct of the new Germantown lawn irrigation system.

When you partner with DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers, Eric Huckstorf, owner of DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers, will personally visit your home and thoroughly survey your property. From there, they will work with you directly to build a customized residential lawn irrigation system that perfectly fits the needs of your lawn and landscape.

Germantown lawn irrigation

DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers is an industry leader in lawn irrigation systems. We design, build and install lawn irrigation systems for a wide array of commercial and residential clients, from front lawns to elaborate gardenscapes. Since 1988, we have provided service to over 3,000 clients in southeast Wisconsin, all of whom can attest to our expertise and unparalleled customer service.

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