Lawn Irrigation Maintenance

Lawn Irrigation Maintenance

DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers offers all of their customers an Annual Service Agreement which includes all necessary annual lawn irrigation maintenance.. This agreement not only saves our customers money on their spring turn on/fall blowout but it also provides you with a discount on any service you may need throughout the summer months.

Lawn Irrigation Maintenance

Spring Start-Up

A spring start-up is one of the services that we provide to our customers.  To have your spring start-up scheduled, simply contact our office to set a date to perform this important service. If you have a Service Contract with us we will contact you.  A typical 4-8 zone system can usually be started up in a half hour unless repairs are necessary.  Owners of larger systems should plan on this service taking longer to complete.

A spring Turn-On includes:

  • Turn on water supply to the system. Check for visible leaks.
  •  Program the controller and set the automatic program.
  • Turn on and check all heads for proper adjustments & coverage.
  • Adjust and straighten heads, clear away any grass that may have grown over the heads.
  • Check system for leaks.

A spring start-up is an important service because we get to see your system at the beginning of the watering season before any water is unnecessarily wasted or any turf areas or plant material get neglected.  Think of it as your yearly tune-up and preventative maintenance.  Contact us early to schedule this service since spring is one of our busiest seasons.  If you want your lawn irrigation system started by a certain date, contact us a few weeks ahead of time to guarantee we can do it.  A lot of customers will wait until its “Dry” to call us.  Remember, we can start-up your system even if you’re not ready to use it yet.  It will be set up, tested, and simply left in the “off” position until you are ready for regular watering.

Fall Blow-Out
Winterizing an Irrigation System

Each year when the leaves start to fall and temperatures drop, we know it’s time to shut down irrigation systems. In the colder climates, irrigation systems must be winterized to avoid damage caused by freezing temperatures. By taking the necessary steps to protect irrigation systems now, you can avoid costly repairs in the spring.

First there are some claims of irrigation systems being self-draining. The question that you have to ask yourself is, is it worth the gamble? Drains can get clogged or forgotten to be opened, or water can be trapped in low spots. For the added safety and fairly low cost of winterizing with an air compressor, it’s not worth the gamble. Blowing out an irrigation system with an air compressor has been proven to be the best method in use today. Every system that we install is blown out in the Fall which allows us to guarantee to our customers that if we winterize their irrigation system, there will be no freeze damage, or it’s on us.