Germantown Lawn Irrigation

Pleasant Prairie Lawn Irrigation

Are you ready to check off lawn-watering from your to-do list for good? A new irrigation system can keep your lawn healthy and vibrant for you! Many big-box irrigation systems are uniform and don’t fit the specific needs of your property. How could they? Every piece of land has its own quirks and characteristics, including plant types, topography shape, and soil quality.

Because every piece of land could benefit from a customized irrigation system, the first step of installation is finding the right contractor, which is one that starts with a full, in-person survey of your property. Quality service can be hard to find, but don’t worry: DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers is here for you!

Pleasant Prairie Lawn Irrigation

DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers is a family-owned company that has served the great state of Wisconsin since 1988. Our reputation for unmatched repair and customer service began after our very first service call, and since then we have partnered with over 3,000 happy property owners.

Our expert Service Technicians have more than six decades of combined experience, which means there’s no irrigation issue they can’t solve. Each day, we deploy 3-4 technicians in fully-stocked service vehicles throughout southeast Wisconsin, so we’re always on hand to help.

If you’re ready to upgrade to an irrigation system from DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers, contact us today! To chat with our owner, Eric Huckstorf, and receive a FREE estimate, call 414-546-6456.