Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

DJ’s Lawn Sprinklers has been operating as a quality commercial snow removal and ice removal company since 1988. We specialize in providing the special attention to detail that apartment complex and condominium associations require. Our fleet consists of the highest quality and most modern snowplowing equipment on the market today to ensure that your parking lots and driveways are cleared in a timely manner. Below are a few general guidelines pertaining to our winter maintenance proposal:

Our priority is to ensure that your residents have safe passage to and from their homes. In the event of a heavy snowstorm, sidewalks will be the last to be cleared. We will attempt to keep sidewalks passable during the storm. All walks will be cleared and salted within 12 hours of the completion of a heavy snowstorm.

Of course we strive to have very minimal lawn damage but some should be anticipated. Snow plow damage will be repaired by us on or before May 15th. We will replace any lawn damage with seed and topsoil as required.

Multi-year Discounts:

We will offer a 3% discount for multi-year contracts. If you should decide to select a 2 year contract we will deduct 3% from each years proposed price.

 Snow Removal Services

  • Office/Retail
  • Health Care facilities
  • Condos/Homeowners Associations
  • Sidewalks/Snow Blowing
  • Salting/Ice Removal
  • On Site Snow Relocating
  • Off Site Removal