lawn irrigation benefits

Lawn Irrigation

If you have been in the market of building a new home over the past 10 years you probably know that landscaping costs continue to rise. Consider a lawn irrigation system not as a luxury but as an insurance program for your landscape investment. There is a lot of work that goes into making sure your lawn is always looking and feeling its best, including proper watering, regular fertilizing and keeping regional insects and diseases out of your lawn. Because climates and soil types can vary, it’s important to consider the best times and frequency to water your lawn – but this can be difficult when you go from extreme hot days to cooler, rainy days.

That’s where the benefits of having lawn irrigation can come into play. An irrigation system that is properly designed, maintained and managed, applies water only when and where needed. And, it only applies the amount of water necessary to replenish soil moisture once it has been lost due to evaporation from the soil or through transpiration from the lawn and landscape.

Benefits of Lawn Irrigation

Why Irrigate?

*Saves time.

If you have ever had the responsibility of maintaining a new landscape you know that this can literally consume your life! From the time you get home from work till the time you go to bed your constantly moving sprinklers and dragging hoses in hopes that you are putting down enough water but not too much.

*Saves water.

Have you ever turned on the sprinkler after getting home from a long day of work and remembered hours later that you forgot to move it? How about coming home from a week-long vacation to find that your lawn has fried to a crisp? Your first instinct is to water now and water heavy to get your lawn green again. Trust an automatic lawn sprinkler to water your lawn for you while you’re away.

*Protect your hard earned investment.

Your home’s appearance may have never been so important, especially in today’s market. If you have recently been in the buy/sell position in today’s real estate market you know how important comparison properties are. Set yourself apart from the competition with a beautifully manicured landscape.